The wrong loop of beloved problem solving.

  • Why do we create software?
    • To make positive impact for humanity.
  • What does positive impact mean?
    • Solving problems.
  • Then what’s relevance metric, that allows, for determining priority and importance of solutions, to those problems?
    • Depends, on the context…

If you, look for a problem to solve, you’ll never see beyond, what you can provide solution to. because assesment of the problem relevance and importance is limited to the scope, of this problem, descriptor, and hypothetical solution. While at the same time, not being incorect, heuristics, to use, as such assesment’s speaks also about importance of its’ generator importance. Therefore, relevance metric, exceeds, beyond the problem scope, to its’ parent. So theoreticaly not incorect, as satisfying, clousure of parents.

When problem statement is specific, it implies low error rates, in the task of importance assesment and hypothetical, possibility of developing relevant solution,

While, higher importance of the problem (the one, with less likely error), implies higher priority, because, more specific condition, emerge, for the creation of solution. Higher specificity, raises higher priority, because rising probability of deliverability.

This prioretizes, creation of initial solution, because whatever cliams, to solve a problem, regardless, of the quality is better solution, to this problem, that no solution.

And when already claiming, the solution, the only reasonabkle next step from economical perspectibe, is working on t of the existing, then, concern any other problem.

And this is roughly why we end up, with milion problems, and bilion solutions, where each problem specificity, highly exceeds, the general problem dimensionality. But there is no turning back, because we need to solve The problem of someone else, making money, by claiming to work on solving variant: $v$, of problem $x$, for platform $p$, integrating with technologies $T$, which have been estabilished as standard, by providers of solution $ø$ to the problem $z$, which importance, to $x$ at the point in time $t$ is, given by function $G(t)$, that makes it sound like it was something, way more serious, than ordinary $x-z$ “