Publishing art, as TV Man. Released 22 songs by 22’nd birthday, since then repairing mathematics and creating all missing formal concepts, needed for liberating society, from corpo-totalitarism. This concers unified decentralized identity metaprotocol, global knowledge system and human-computer communication framework, insipered by the idea of declarative metaprograming.

My long term goal is to estabilish complete and independent metatheoretical framework, that will allow for safe augumentation of human cognition, by personalized AI. In other words, the purpose is to allow safe merge between humans and machines.


Recently, spending most of my time on Tmath which includes bunch of novel mathematical ideas of my authorship. Purpose of this project is to estabilish mathematics ov thought, where in the first place comes always the idea, while formality is just a property that comes from a need to unify meaning, among different meaning providers.

For more projects, check my github profile.